An analysis of the learning strategies for the tour guides

Titis Giri Rohkhayati, Ririn Ambarini, Siti Nur ’Aini


This research studies the learning strategies used by a tour guide. This research focused on finding out the strategies used by a tour guide and what problems they face to improve their ability to become a tour guide. And the purpose of this study is 1) to find out the learning strategies of a tour guide. In this study, researchers found two tour guides who used the same learning strategy, namely the socio-affective strategy. Socio-affective learning strategies are learning strategies that involve many people or called group learning and one tour guide that uses cognitive strategies. Cognitive learning strategies are learning based on known facts or principles. 2) To find out the problems faced by a tour guide to improve his ability to become a tour guide. The problem faced by tour guides is confidence and knowledge, more like language, and you have to know the specific terms of a particular language and also the main factor is knowledge. Researchers use descriptive analysis to find the right information to obtain the research objectives as expected. The instruments used in collecting information are interviews and questionnaires. The researcher gave direct interview questions and questionnaires to get answers from the informants.

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