New Rules for Authors


Starting on May 28, 2023, the allure journal has experienced several changes in the rules:

1. Template

Allure Journal template has been updated. The latest template can be downloaded here.

2. Payment Charge

Allure Journal has started implementing an article charge for each author who has gone through the review process and is subject to a publication fee of Rp. 150,000, or $10.

3. References

References used by each author are at least 20 references. The sources cited should at least 80% come from those published in the last 10 years. The sources cited are primary sources in the forms of scientific journal articles, books, and research reports, including theses and dissertations. Citations from journals should be at least 80% of the total references cited.

4. Turnitin

Allure Journal applies a plagiarism limit with Turnitin software, which is 20%. If the results of plagiarism are more than 20%, we will return them to be paraphrased by the authors.

5. Mendeley

Allure Journal already utilizes Mendeley software to create citations and bibliographies. See the following link for Mendeley's guidance.

Posted: 2021-09-16