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Master of English Education at Universitas PGRI Semarang periodically publishes Linc-Ed: Linguistics and Education Journal | E-ISSN 2807-713X.

This journal is intended to accommodate multi concepts of language education, applied practices, education policies, general and applied linguistics, literary works, language and education theories discerned from broad ranges of perspectives, paradigms, and methodologies. This journal publishes research-based articles, reviews, new scientific results that are expected to provide added value for the development of theoretical domains, practical applications, case studies, and cross-time studies on various practices, regulations, and documents that enlighten the public. Linc-Ed: Linguistics and Education Journal is an ideal forum for disseminating research results which elaborate local issues of language and education to exemplify more global concerns.

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Vol 2, No 1 (2021): October 2021

Volume 2 | Number 1 | October 2021

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Pina Icha Nurmala, Suwandi Suwandi, Sri Wahyuni
chomar nur machmut
Manggar Rizka Novitri, Theresia Cicik Sophia Budiman, Faiza Hawa
Irna Nur Rochmah, Siti Nur'Aini, Laily Nur Affini
Ainun Nisa Yuniar
Siti Arliyani, Maria Widarti Lestar, Festi Himatu Karima
Eni Wijayanti