Stability: Journal of Management and Business

Journal titleStability: Journal of Management and Business
FrequencyTwice a Year ( July & December)
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ISSN2621-9565 (Online - Elektronik)
Editor-in-chiefQristin Violinda S.Psi, M.M, Ph.D.
PublisherUniversitas PGRI Semarang
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This journal aims to seek quality articles to answer the need to improve the understanding of effective management and business applications. Stability : Journal of Management and Business provides current trends in knowledge and practical applications in management and business practices. In Stability : Journal of Management and Business readers will find articles and features providing comprehensive and pragmatic view of the real management and business practices in this turbulence world particularly. The journal seeks high quality, quantitative, qualititave or review based articles written by academic proffesionals and corporate executives who wish to share their ideas and research findings. Stability : Journal of Management and Business welcomes articles in the areas of (unlimited to) general management, human resource management, financial management, operation management, marketing, strategic management, entrepreneurship, organizational behavioral, public administration, and others.

Stability: Journal of Management and Business



Rule for the Author


Notified to all authors who will publish in the stability journal that the stability journal will be re-accredited so that there is a new policy in writing.

1. Manuscripts published must be in English
2. Using the latest template
3. Cite articles published in stability journals, min 2 articles
4. Holding writers from abroad
5. A plagiarism checker has been carried out with a value below 25%
6. Use citations in reputable journals by minimizing the number of book citations

Posted: 2023-06-12
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Vol 7, No 1 (2024)

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