Avikha Putri Dimela


The purpose of this study is to identify the types of figurative language and analyze the contextual meaning of the figurative language used in the soundtrack of Showman A Million Dreams. This thesis uses a qualitative descriptive method. The source of the research data used is the lyrics in the Greatest Showman Soundtrack: A Million Dreams. The data collection method used selected songs from the soundtrack of the film The Greatest Showman: A Million Dreams. The collected data was then classified according to the differences, presented in the form of a table and found the types of figurative language and the metaphorical meaning of each song. Based on the analysis in this thesis, found 7 figurative language styles out of 53 which have been interpreted from 21 lyrics of the song A Million Dreams. The seven types are imagery, personification, symbol, paradox, hyperbole, repetition, and metaphor. The researcher found that from 53 figurative types, 18 types are imagery, 4 types are personification, 14 types are symbols, 2 types are paradoxes, 6 types are hyperbole, 8 types are repetition and 1 type includes metaphor. The researcher also draws the conclusion that literary creation does not only consist of entertainment purposes, but also moral values and educational essence that are very useful for English language learners such as virtue values and  figurative language


soundtrack, figurative language, kontekstual.

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